Wednesday, August 18, 2010

digital scenography

Linked to the writing on "dispositif," here are some visual impressions from Day 3.

These are color-movement projections by Emily Putoff on the mise en scène (projection screens on white dance floor/tracking stage) created in the evening of Day 3 by James Cunningham, with Julia Alsarraf and other team members.

The white floor, having become a tracking stage, is here transformed by a downward projection of Sarah Dahnke's smushgrid film, which alters its "lines" and alignment in response to actor movement.

At the end of the experimentation process of Day 3, the screen structures were expanded and arranged onto the white tracking floor. The mise en scène will be used on Day 4 for an interactive performance involving dance, sound and voice recording (collaboration 1 by Sarah Dahnke, Julia Alsarraf, Victor Zappi and Suzon Fuks; collaboration 2 by Sarah Kraft, Victor Zappi, Ian Winters).

Jeff Chofer's "meadow" is being created with a patch called "lying bodies":
And below is a photo from Day 5 of Sarah Kraft's textkraftraum ("Truth is") which she is creating with Victor Zappi and Ian Winters, the space has a few light fields and interactively responsive words appearing while the visitor or performer inside the environment also activates sound (spoken, recorded voice):

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