Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday Timelapse Movies

These short timelapse movies were created using a USB webcam going through the program Gawker. It takes a photo every x seconds and creates a quicktime movie when recording is stopped. I chose 25fps as the final frame rate and for the first 3 movies it was taking a shot every 15 seconds, and for the the fourth, every 2 seconds.

Tuesday Part 1. 10:06am-12:54pm. Johannes Birringer's warm-up, camera shift (oops!), some edges of video projections during the analytical/conceptual discussion led by Johannes.

Tuesday Part 2. 1:05-2:27pm. Screen savers and beginning of Mark Coniglio's Isadora tutorial.

Tuesday Part 3. 2:30-6:58pm. Mark Coniglio's Isadora tutorial, overhead IR tracking, blob trials and the "love texts".

Tuesday Part 4. 6:58-8:18pm. Blob "drawing/painting", Ian Winter's composite image projections, moving screens.

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  1. funny what Gawker+webcam are accuentating: arrangement of the BIG screens in the room and the way the BIG computer and BIG monitors have been installed, replicate the proscenium arch BUT the monitors are so present, they become noisy spectators with big hats seating at the front row!