Tuesday, August 17, 2010

live.media+performance lab -day1

This post is to introduce myself to the other participants.

My name is Victoria Gibson and I live in Vancouver Canada.

I am an Integrated Media Artist with core training in music and audio technology, but an irrepressible curiosity in computer based arts.

My current day job is as the Publishing Support Executive for a major publishing company where I manage projects, art direct for magazines and continue in a limited way with graphic design and layout. I have been a graphic designer and digital artist for decades.

My expertise spans visual art, music, video and the associated technologies to create, edit, produce and publish in print, DVD or web.

I am happy to introduce people to the Ubuntu operating system and the satisfaction of freely available, open source software. I also work in Mac and Windows OS.

Equipment available:

Saffire LE firewire audio converted capable of portable surround sound and recording
Nikon camera for still photo
Hitachi Blu-ray video camera
Arduino boards and sensors
MIDI controller box
Zoom H4 portable recorder (stereo)

My last performance in Vancouver Aug 12th, included notebook computer audio and vocal live performance with a group of other musicians and spoken word artists. Collaborations: http://vix.ca/blog/2010/08/12/collaborations-tonight-1-night-only/

I regularly perform as a vocalist, guitar player and computer audio specialist. I am moving into live video and that is the reason I wanted to investigate Isadora.

If you would like to collaborate with me or use some of my equipment, please contact me vgibson (at) vix (dot) ca

I will post the photos from the performances yesterday ASAP!

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