Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Performance Photos - Day 1

Victoria was in Performance 1, so there is no photo.

Performance 2 was Victoria's concept with Sarah Actor.

Performance 2 above 3 below

I would like everyone to identify themselves or others you know in the comments.

Performance 3

Performance 4 - Julie is the Actor

Performance 5 - Eric is the Actor. The image was also seem from the other side where you could not see the Actor.

Performance 6 -- this was very hard to photograph- the image was ghostly and the spot on the Actor was a concentrated circle, not as shown with the flash.

Performance 7


Performance 8
This projection was on the floor, so it looked like the Actor was in a hole. Very interesting effect.

Performance 9


Performance 10

Somewhere I missed one performance because I did not know how it should be photographed. The idea of it was moving projection, so it was hard to give an idea with a still camera. Then it was over before I decided what to do. Victor was the director.

The image to the right was not easy to photograph.

Performance 11

Performance 12

Performance 13

If you would like copies, contact me vgibson (at) vix (dot) ca

There are a few other photos but these are the best.

I have to work on photographing these contrasts. I may be able to fix some if I spent time developing. These are right from the camera.

In future I will post to my wordpress blog and re-post here. Blogger is too much work to format.

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