Friday, August 20, 2010

Performance experiments (Day 5)

Day 5 (Friday):

Today was our second "open house", and visitors arrived in the afternoon to observe our rehearsals and the development of works in progress. The workshop ensemble is currently working on several (six or seven) parallel projects, almost all involving interactive programming environments and tracking. We present a very brief sequence of images here that reflect the different experiments, some are undergoing constant iterations of the prototype design.

Emily Putoff, "Poppy" architectual color projection environment, with 2 performers and 6 screen movers, musician and audio engineer

James Cunningham, "camera duet/tripod dance"

Sarah Dahnke, smush-grid interaction space (test phase):
Sarah Dahnke, smush-grid interaction space, with visitors in the playground:
Joff Chafer, "Inside Out," interactional meadow:
Victoria Gibson, "Bandwidth," visual music piece
Sara Kraft, Ian Winters, Victor Zappi, "Truth is", interactive textraum installation
Wendy Chu and team, "Dotted Landscape"

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