Friday, August 20, 2010

Performance Experiments (Day 5, Part 2)

Day 5 (Friday):

Having posted the first sequence of performance experiments (Day 5), I became aware that even while logging and capturing fresh video material from the experimental arrangements, the process in the lab was/is on-going, and what was documented a few hours ago is already changing in the next version. Although this is common sense, and what we expect to happen, it is a compressed experience in a week-long workshop in which participants more or less work day and night on the research & development and iterative design. In the following, I show some other works in progress not yet mentioned in the previous post, as well as newly revised installations.

Mark testing interactive LED light instrument:

Byul Shin, Interactive "Bubble Playground":

Jennifer Woodin, with Tommy deFrantz, "The Table" installation

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